welcome on the internet site of the NGC-DBS, the budgerigar society of the Netherlands!

Away with a diversity in club shows, different show cages, rings and show organisations! Make sure that the society does not become isolated within the fancy. Contacts with other societies and budgerigar fanciers in Holland and abroad are important. Make it easy to the fancier to contact your society. The Dutch Budgerigar Society goes for it:

  • Organising one day shows
  • Judging birds 1 to 7 in the class
  • Universal show cages
  • Coloured rings
  • Cooperating within Europe and world wide
  • Open international shows
  • First class magazine
  • One Dutch society with districts
One day shows
The Dutch Budgerigar Society organises one day shows only. This system is pleasant for the fanciers. Less travelling costs, nice meetings with other fanciers at the same time and direct contact with the judges.

Judging system
The judgingsystem (placing the birds from 1 to 7), which is used in most European countries and also worldwide, makes an immediate comparison possible during the show. Budgerigars are placed from 1 to 7 in each colour class by the judges in order of quality, so that everybody can see the differences and judge for themselves.

Universal show cage
The Dutch Budgerigar Society has adopted the so called 'European cage', which is used through the whole of Europe. This means less costs for the fanciers as taking part in shows in other countries is not a problem at all.
Coloured rings
Every other year in a cycle of six years a different coloured, clear readable ring is issued. This system is adopted all over the world. As more and more fanciers start their breedingseason in September we distribute our rings on the first of October. For many other clubs in Europe also, the ring issue date is at about the same time.

The Dutch Budgerigar Society seeks contact and interaction with other societies abroad. Every year the DBS invites foreign judges. Through these judges the DBS promotes itself and becomes known. The DBS is a member of the WBO (World Budgerigar Organisation), an organisation from which many societies within Europe are a member. But there are also members from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and South Africa. Thanks to the WBO we try to get more uniformity and standardisation for all kinds of issues within the budgerigar scene. This is of great importance for every budgerigar fancier.

Open international shows
In contrary to other Dutch club shows, the DBS shows are open for every budgerigar fancier from all over the world, even though they are not a member of the DBS. Besides, you can participate with all official rings from other societies.

First class magazine
Our magazine, called "Budgie", is number one in the Netherlands. It is well-known for the interesting articles about the budgerigar, the many colour pictures and the well cared issue. We have an agreement with foreign magazines to exchange articles, so we can offer you up to date news from all over the world. We are willing to send you a free magazine, so that you can see for yourself. Or ask one of our members if you can have a look in one of our magazines.

One society with districts
When you become a member of our society you pay your contribution directly to the treasurer. For this you will receive 10 copies of our magazine each year, you will be able to order coloured rings and the society will organise a fine young stock show and club show each year. The DBS has several districts, each with their own meetings and district shows if possible. Within the regulations of the DBS the districts are self-ruling. A district decides if contribution is paid or not. The income is and stays property of the members of a district.

Breeders classes
Members of the D.B.S. are classified into four breeder classes: champion, intermediate, novice and beginner. This is mainly the same as in the other WBO countries. By collecting points at the annual D.B.S. clubshow, you can promote to a higher class. Relegation to a lower class is only then possible if you do not gather a preset bottom line amount of points in three years. This is to stimulate the fanciers to show their birds on a regular base. If you become a member of our society you basically start as a beginner. If you are a member of another budgerigar society with a proved status you will be able to obtain this status within our club. To start as a champion however, you will have to prove that you have this status within the other society for the last three years at least.
Of course the Dutch Budgerigar Society has rules and show regulations and also her own judges. Once a year the DBS has a general meeting for the members, where they can judge the policy of the committee. If you want to learn more about the Dutch Budgerigar Society do not hesitate to ask one of the members for information.

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