Best in Show: 126. 6. - Graham Adams (Ireland)
Best in Show Opposite Sex: 156. 108. - Harrie Aardema (The Netherlands)

With 241 birds from 8 different countries and all 4 breeders classes represented, also the third Open International NGC-DBS Internet Baby Show was a succesful event. There were not as many submissions as last year, but this did not at all effect the overall quality. This year I received pictures from Belgium, Brasil, Canada, the Czech Republic, England, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and of course The Netherlands. I thank all the breeders who have sent me pictures. Again some of you only sent me one, while others sent me quite a lot. In total there are 93 pictures of Beginners, 24 pictures of Novices, 13 pictures of Intermediates and 111 pictures of Champions.

For this third year, I asked the Technical Committee of the NGC-DBS to come up with one or two international judges. Cor Booster, head of the Technical Committee, contacted John Zerafa, who submitted the Best in Show last year, and Barry Skinner. Both judges live in Canada where they breed budgerigars, on the highest level as a simple Google search will proove. Both accepted the invitation and of course the challenge. Because one thing is clear: it's not an easy job! So once again: thanks a lot Barry and John!

Last but not least, I am very pleased to be among this years winners and want to congratulate all other winners.

Johan Donkers,

A few words by Barry and John:

We would like to start off by thanking the Dutch Budgerigar Society for giving us the opportunity to participate in this years show. We would also like to acknowledge all the effort that Johan Donkers put forth in order to make our task go smoothly. It is individuals such as Johan that make this hobby so pleasurable.

At first, we were thinking of doing the judging individually over the internet but then decided that a two hour car trip by one of us would prove to be the better way. Some of the arguments for and against certain birds would have taken days by e-mail.

This new venue for judging was a most enjoyable experience if not a frustrating one at times as we found ourselves with the judges sticks wanting to turn the birds for a different perspective. We found ourselves judging only heads in some cases and in other cases style and deportment.

With respect to the bird, we were pleased with the support the beginners gave this show. It vies well for the future of the hobby to have such new people showing an interest. In general we would have liked to have seen some more width and depth of mask in this section but overall a strong showing.

It was the cinnamons and inos of the champion section which drew the most discussion from the two of us and some heated negotiation had to take place but in the end we are satisfied with what we selected.

The opportunity to judge as a team was also rewarding, as it gave us points of views which we would not have explored had we not been doing it as a team. It was good to see that after comparing our preliminary and individual placing of the birds, the same birds were at the top of both lists, and we then only had to agree on the exact placing. We feel that we have gained a different perspective on the methodology of judging by participating as a team within this venue. As for the method used to judge we found it easier to take the time to download all the pictures, add the numbers, "stage" them in their divisions and classes, then moving the birds around as if actually on the bench. We used Microsoft Digital Image Pro for this task.

In closing we would like to congratulate the winners and all participants for sharing their birds with us all and for allowing us to share in this event.

Barry Skinner and John Zerafa,

Best Beginner: 177. 109. - Jasper van Thiel (The Netherlands)
Best Novice: 79. 102. - Johan Donkers (The Netherlands)
Best Intermediate: 150. 9. - Gebr. de Vries (The Netherlands)
Best Champion: 126. 6. - Graham Adams (Ireland)
Best Beginner Opposite Sex: 40. 9. - Jeroen van Wezep (The Netherlands)
Best Novice Opposite Sex: 101. 3. - Johan Donkers (The Netherlands)
Best Intermediate Opposite Sex: 152. 106. - Gebr. de Vries (The Netherlands)
Best Champion Opposite Sex: 156. 108. - Harrie Aardema (The Netherlands)

Barry and John also ranked the 7 best cocks and the 7 best hens in show:

1: 126. 6. - Graham Adams (Ireland)
1: 156. 108. - Harrie Aardema (The Netherlands)
2: 154. 8. - Harrie Aardema (The Netherlands)
2: 123. 106. - Graham Adams (Ireland)
3: 146. 3. - Werner Schiller (Germany)
3: 153. 101. - Werner Schiller (Germany)
4: 115. 9. - Werner Schiller (Germany)
4: 188. 120. - Jos Reynders (Ireland)
5: 2. 4. - Frank Habegger (Switzerland)
5: 167. 109. - Cor Booster (The Netherlands)
6: 105. 7. - Partn. Heylen (Belgium)
6: 104. 115. - Partn. Heylen (Belgium)
7: 150. 9. - Gebr. de Vries (The Netherlands)
7: 152. 106. - Gebr. de Vries (The Netherlands)

The complete ranking per colour and breeders class for all birds is available here.