Best in Show: 181. 2. - John Zerafa (Canada)
Best in Show Opposite Sex: 15. 107. - Partn. Heylen (Belgium)

With 316 birds from 12 different countries and all 4 breeders classes very well represented, this second Open International NGC-DBS Internet Baby Show was a succesful event. This year I received pictures from Australia, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, the United States of America and of course The Netherlands. I thank all the breeders who have sent me pictures. Again some of you only sent me one, while others sent me quite a lot. In total there are 107 pictures of Beginners, 34 pictures of Novices, 25 pictures of Intermediates and 150 pictures of Champions.

Like last year, I wanted to underline the international character of the Internet Show by inviting a judge everyone knows. I personally had the privelege to assist Ghalib Al-Nasser at the 2004 Open International NGC-DBS Show in Hapert. On that day I enjoyed his view on budgerigars, but also his belief in the necessity of educating people starting in the world of budgerigars, also during his busy job as a judge. He really took the time to explain his decisions to his assistants, although it did get him into problems with the show manager that day.

I did not forget about this, so in December 2006 I asked both Ghalib and Janice if they were interested to judge the 2nd Internet Baby Show. Also Ghalib did not forget:"Yes, I do remember you well because every time I tried to talk to you and your friend, your show manager was getting upset and if judges do not explain then how fanciers will learn?"In that same email Ghalib and Janice accepted the invitation. I don't think everyone realises the amount of effort spent to organise but also judge an Internet Show, so I want to thank the judging couple here once more for a job well done: thanks a lot Ghalib and Janice!

Johan Donkers,

A few words by Ghalib and Janice:

The NGC-DBS needs to be congratulated for this novel concept of an internet show and the fancy needs to be congratulated for supporting such an event. There were 316 entries (an increase from last year's entry of 232) from 12 countries and indeed that was great. Internet judging without a doubt is not as straight forward as proper judging as you are not seeing a full bird neither are you able to turn it around and view it from all angles. The birds look much bigger when they are zoomed in on, of course. We did not wrong class any birds although on occasions we had our doubts about the sex of some of the birds. Some were very young and still in the cage but their owners need to be congratulated for taking the initiative and participating in this event. Of course it was not that easy to keep scrolling up and down the screen to compare birds (we do not have the technology skills to rearrange photos to suit us for comparison!).

The quality of many of the birds was outstanding without a doubt and we are sure that many of those nest feathered birds will mature to be winners later on when the show season commences.

One of the drawbacks in not seeing complete birds is that it was impossible to judge for variety markings e.g. in spangles and dominant pieds. Also, several of the better birds may well moult out to be heavily flecked; although they were of excellent quality ~ only time will tell! In a few photos the bird was in profile.

The champion cocks were of good quality and they dominated the top seven but the novice cobalt (241.3) put a stop to that. The BIS bird will be a powerful bird when it is fully matured, as well as that lovely spangle cinnamon green (263.9) in second place.

The two top hens had a lot going for them, but the intermediate hen had the edge. She had power, width and depth of mask and we liked her quite a lot especially that thickness around the neck and shoulders. The champion hen (150-109) of the same colour was not far behind and possessed similar qualities.

We thoroughly enjoyed judging this internet show and at times it was more fun, the argument and debates that it generated between ourselves, than the actual judging. At the end of the day one should not be too serious and lose hope as nest feather birds will change in adulthood.

Good luck with the 3rd internet show next year.

Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser,

Best Beginner: 138. 4. - Jeroen Vos (The Netherlands)
Best Novice: 241. 3. - Gary Shepherdson (England)
Best Intermediate: 15. 107. - Partn. Heylen (Belgium)
Best Champion: 181. 2. - John Zerafa (Canada)
Best Beginner Opposite Sex: 104. 103. - Jeroen Vos (The Netherlands)
Best Novice Opposite Sex: 211. 104. - Gary Shepherdson (England)
Best Intermediate Opposite Sex: 50. 1. - Arie Hoek (The Netherlands)
Best Champion Opposite Sex: 184. 107. - Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)

Ghalib and Janice also ranked the 7 best cocks and the 7 best hens in show:

1: 181. 2. - John Zerafa (Canada)
1: 15. 107. - Partn. Heylen (Belgium)
2: 263. 9. - Pierre A. Swart (South Africa)
2: 184. 107. - Daniel Lütolf (Switzerland)
3: 241. 3. - Gary Shepherdson (England)
3: 150. 109. - Graham Adams (Ireland)
4: 4. 6. - Graham Adams (Ireland)
4: 3. 106. - Graham Adams (Ireland)
5: 205. 3. - William Dierickx (Belgium)
5: 98. 106. - Partn. Heylen (Belgium)
6: 243. 1. - Gary Shepherdson (England)
6: 211. 104. - Gary Shepherdson (England)
7: 239. 4. - Partn. Cuyten-Heesters (The Netherlands)
7: 44. 103. - Jos Reijnders (Ireland)

The complete ranking per colour and breeders class for all birds is available here.