Best in Show: 194.1 - Partn. Cuyten Heesters (NL)
Best in Show Opposite Sex: 98.102 - W. Schiller (D)

With 232 birds from 5 different countries and all 4 breeders classes represented, I think we can conclude that this first Open International NGC-DBS Internet Baby Show was a succesful experiment. I thank all the breeders who have sent me pictures. Some of you only sent me one, others sent me quite a lot, but one thing is sure: without pictures there is no show. In total there are 77 pictures of Beginners, 16 pictures of Novices, 25 pictures of Intermediates and 114 pictures of Champions.

With the international character of the show in mind, knowing also that Tom Svensson organised an Internet Show before, I invited Tom in the beginning of this year to judge this show. He immedeately responded with a big yes, so I want to thank him here once more for a job well done: thanks a lot Tom!

Although it took me quite some effort, for sure, I will look into the possibility of organising this event again next year.

Johan Donkers

A few words by Tom Svensson:

It was a great pleasure to be invited to judge this first NGC internet show. I made the first international internet show 2 years ago but it didn't get so many birds as this! I think 232 is a really fantastic number and the quality was outstanding. It is really difficult to judge birds by photo, and because the photos were taken in so many different ways, it made it even more difficult. One should have one photo from the front of the bird (not from above) and one from the side to make it more fair to judge.

The first 7 birds were really outstanding birds. For me 194.1 is an outstanding bird and I think it will be a really super show bird. 178.1 is also an outstanding bird but not as much power as 194.1. 192.4 will be a massive bird in many ways. 98.102 was as outstanding as 194.1, a super hen, with 96.106 as also a super good hen, really good face on her.

When judging babys I dont judge in the same way as in an adult bird show, since now it's more of how good the baby will be as adult. If any one has got questions feel free to email me.

Thank you for a great show! I really hope the NGC will keep up this super show and I think many more breeders from around the globe will take part!

Tom Svensson

Best Beginner: 86. 4 - J. Verbeek (NL)
Best Novice: 168. 105 - Partn. Heylen (B)
Best Intermediate: 171. 106 - M. Schulte (D)
Best Champion: 194.1 - Partn. Cuyten Heesters (NL)
Best Beginner Opposite Sex: 84. 104 - J. Verbeek (NL)
Best Novice Opposite Sex: 165. 11 - Partn. Heylen (B)
Best Intermediate Opposite Sex: 163. 2 - Gebr. de Vries (NL)
Best Champion Opposite Sex: 98.102 - W. Schiller (D)

Tom has also ranked the 7 best cocks and the 7 best hens in show:

1: 194.1 - Partn. Cuyten Heesters (NL)
1: 98.102 - W. Schiller (D)
2: 178. 1 - W. Schiller (D)
2: 96. 106 - Partn. Rasser-de Schrijver (NL)
3: 192. 4 - Partn. Cuyten-Heesters (NL)
3: 226. 104 - D. Luetolf (CH)
4: 16. 2 - Partn. Prijveco (NL)
4: 168. 105 - Partn. Heylen (B)
5: 76. 3 - W. Schiller (D)
5: 115. 105 - A. Giger (CH)
6: 37. 1 - F. Totté (NL)
6: 171. 106 - M. Schulte (D)
7: 189. 2 - Partn. Cuyten-Heesters (NL)
7: 158. 109 - H. Bolscher (NL)

The complete ranking per colour and breeders class for all 232 birds is available here.